Can anyone teach me (Free)? (Кто-нибудь может меня наставлять беспл


Hello, my name is Ivan, I am Ukrainian, I am 33 years old. Recently I discovered a website, and I like it. I see that my current rating is around 1000, so I want to improve. I want to learn from someone with higher rating. The thing is that here on this site I can play only with someone who is 200 points better or worse, but i can't play here with more advanced players. As far as I know, to improve in plying chess, one has to play with stronger player. I see, it means a lot of losses, but I am ready for that. I want to learn common mistakes which are made by players like me (that should know chess masters with rating around 2000+), and thus learn to avoid them, thus improve my games.


I found a page - with teachers list, but do they all teach for money? Is there any hope to learn for free?


It is all right if my teacher will be younger than me. My want that my chess teacher explain his moves, and point my mistakes (hopefully in chat on this site). I want to learn some core chess fundamentals, which all masters know. Say, one my friend told me that bishop is more expensive than knight, so I now avoid killing knights with bishops...


Могу ли я ожидать найти бесплатного наставника на этом сайте?


chesssdotcomv3sucks, thank you, but I don't understand, here everywhere K means King or knight?


In version 2 of, the older version of this site, there was an item called "chess mentor", a free lesson/coach that was all about teaching players like yourself how to improve with skills such as this.

I have not looked in to the current, v3, version of to see where they've placed it... or whether it still exists.

I would suggest you look for the Chess Mentor feature if you can.


No wonder I never found the Chess Mentor in v3... Undecided


Wow... I just looked, that is quite a step-down in functionality..  Undecided




how dare they ask for money! it's almost like having a job and expecting to be paid for it.


Except we are paying for it, with all these ads clogging up our screens and networks.


Even with Ad Blocker, the data volume of all those mp4 ad videos still comes through my network.


I do agree with you that in order to improve your game fast you have to play against slightly stronger opposition. Just Keep playing on here and I'm sure you will definitely find some! I don't know if someone will teach you any lessons for free but you should first check out the free content online on sites like, and Hope that helps! coaches.pngplatinum.pngdiamond.png