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Coaching from IM Keaton Kiewra

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    Hello everyone, I am International Master Keaton Kiewra.  As a full time chess coach I am proud to have many students who have won national championships, represented America in the World Youth Chess Championships, and been consistently ranked toward the top of their age group nationally.  If you are interested in lessons please call me at 402-617-6119 or email me at.  Also please feel free to check out my website, keatonkiewra.com

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    How much do you charge ? We are in frisco. I have a 10 yr old

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    Hi..,I'm intrested 

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    80 dollar/hour

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    Keaton87 wrote:

    ...call me at 402-617-6119 or email me at.

    I believe you are missing your email in the post.

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