How can I turn board around?


Chess mentor gave me a scenario to work with, and I was white, but the pieces were coming from the top of the board, like I was the opponent to me. I like to veiw the board the normal way where the edge at the bottom is my viewpoint. Is there a way to 'turn the board around' so I can get normal orientation?





The Mentor was instructing me in:



I hope someone can answer this.

It is important to know how to use these lessons.


I couldn't find a way, perhaps try opening the analysis board, but you shouldn't need to. In that lesson you are white, and playing as if you were sitting at the bottom of the board, as it should be.


Okay, I now see that. Why I was turned around I can't imagine, other than I am a newbie and not quite oriented with this site. You are correct sir, the pieces are as they would be toward the end of a game in a given situation. I should play it as it is presented as I now see that the squares are numbered and lettered from the bottom columns, side rows, as I would be normally viewing the board. Your patience and kind answer are appreciated as I get up to speed with this site. Thank You!:- )