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Ask any questions🙂

what do the different tags mean? ex: IM; FM etc.


 Fide Master, International Master and GrandMaster


how to move pawn


Normally a pawn moves by advancing a single square, but the first time a pawn moves, it has the option of advancing two squares.


Why has my over the board rating stalled at 2133, why oh God why can't I break 2200.


How close are you to achieving the IM title? Do you think you will achieve it easily or will it take a lot of work?


I think I should work hard about 1 year to achieve IM title.


Make moving the f pawn on your first move good


Hello Alex, i am playing chess for a one and half of a year but i am still doing a lot of blunders and not spotting some easy tactics. What can you recommend me for fixing that? And i really tried to understand the chess with only my experiences so i didn't read any book but i now feel like i am not improving anymore. Is it really necessary to read some books for me to improve? As last, should i start to participate some tournaments with 1500 rating as a man who really cant handle the big loses?


Hello, thank you for the question. Everyone makes mistakes in chess. Tactical mistakes are the most common part of the game. This is simplest to address - solve tactical puzzles. Over and over. If you don't like reading books you should have a good mentor. 



Are coaching and lessons necessary?

Also is chess 99% tactics?

It is a good question) Of course it depends on your wishes and goals. If you play for fan  having a coach isn't necessary. If you want improving your skills and becoming better and better every day, you need a good coach. Who can create a training program and control the whole process. 

I am not sure that chess is 99% tactics) I think strategy takes more than 1%. It is also important to note that you can never completely separate strategy from tactics. Although the two concepts have separate definitions, even a player who claims no strategy and instead just plays tactics still will have an overarching strategy to those tactics, even if it is subconscious. Likewise, there is no way in chess to enact a strategy without relying on tactics to make that strategy happen. Even simply reacting to your opponent and opting for a positional style of play is, in fact, a strategy. In the famous words of the band Rush, “if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.”


Is a 1300 rating good for someone who has been playing for 4 months or not?


I think it's a good result) good luck.


Am I under rated in rapid Chess

Comment #10. That made me laugh! Thanks.

Thank u for your feedback. How much will engine analysis help? What is the minimum percentage of my games I should be analysing and what is your recommended suggestion (the amount of games that U analyse)?

Will I see a significant improvement? Will it help me to surpass plateaus?


Edit: Will it be sufficient to analyse only games that are interesting or is it necessary to analyse boring games as well? When u do improve what resources do u use to learn from the improvement in order to progress further?

I would appreciate a reply. Even w/ engine analysis I would still need a study plan.

Could u address the above? Given even only a little improvement I would still remember your advice and that would further incline me to pay for lessons in order to increase my progress