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New courses?

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    There has not been a new course for Chess Mentor since... March.

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    Will there be new courses Chess Mentor?

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    I hope that the new Chess.com University doesn't cause stagnation for the Chess Mentor.

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    Bump this thread... I asked the same question already and got NO answer!

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    Really do not know anything about the new courses?

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    Will bring out a new course *very* soon, folks!

  • #7

    Thank you :) It is for us an excellent training material.

  • #8

    ok, it should be up!

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    Great to see a Tal course!!

    Are you planning on putting the mentor's voices into the course like in Chessmaster: Grandmaster Edition courses?

  • #10

    no, there's no plan to put voices into courses.

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    dpruess wrote:

    no, there's no plan to put voices into courses.

    Lucky for me there is no need.  The voices are all in my head...

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    Thank you for a fascinating course :)

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    There are no new courses.

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    nadie habla español? :(


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