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Parsing error

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    When using the Game Explorer (LEARN > Game Explorer) I often get the message:

    "An error occurred during AJAX Response parsing.
    The error response will appear in a new popup."

    A new window then pops up with the Game Explorer, fully reset, but obviously the moves I had already made using the Game Explorer are lost. I must close the original window to proceed.

    This is extremely irritating. I have been a member for 15 months and this never happened until perhaps 4 or 5 months ago and lately it happens much more often.


    What should I do?

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    Further to the above I also get the error message:
    "Permission denied for <http://www.chess.com> to get property Window.document from <http://support.chess.com>.

    on line number 796

    in file http://images.chesscomfiles.com/assets/js/qcodo_all.js"

    Incidentally, on searching in Help & Support on "AJAX", "parsing", "parsing error" and other keywords connected to the above problems I find NO hits so your Search is not working correctly either....

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    can you tell me more about your internet connection? it might be that your browser is timing out during requests. what browser and internet are you using?

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    i have this parsing problem too - in chess mentor, almost every time.  doesn't appear to be any rhyme or reason. i am running on broadband stable connection, but using google chrome - is this a problem?


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    Looks like it hasn't been corrected. I keep getting the AJAX parsing error, too, in Chess Mentor. It runs REALLY slowly - the only parts running okay are the clocks. When I finally got out of it for the second time (trying two different browsers), it had me at about 10 minutes for the lesson, less than one of which was actually MY time. And then there were all those errors. The complaints above are from 2 years ago. They haven't fixed it yet? This, along with the videos, is why I became a Diamond member.

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    This keeps happening to me too. Whenever I make the right move I get the AJAX parsing error, a blank popup and mentor essentially freezes up.

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    I'am a Diamond member and I'm getting the Parsing Error message on chess mentor - - sooo not impressed. Any solutions anyone?


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