problem with "Book Openings"


I'm trying to research the openings for all the variations of the Scandinavian Defense so as to best choose one for a tournament.  

But low and behold there is no order to these opening pages:

There are 104 pages of openings and the defense is scattered over all 104 of them I guess, I didn't have time to scour each one looking for a Scandinavian variation.  Is there a shortcut for this, like a spreadsheet or a cheat sheet?


Strange.  When I typed Scandinavian in the little block that says search I could only come up with 3 pages.  I must be doing it wrong...


the ECO for the Scandinavian defense is B01.

Black's main tries are 2...Nf6, which I feel is the most reliable, although you have to know what to do if White tries to keep the pawn, among other tries, and 2...Qd5 (if 3 Nc3 Qa5 or Qd6).


Thanks, but I study the Scandinavian and I do know a little.  Look at this page for starting a tournament,

you will have to go to advanced settings, and look at the starting position (toward the bottom) and see how many Scandinavian variations there are (35) and tell me the opening moves and my problem will be solved.  I have to pick one for the tournament, I'd like to know the opening moves.


Just go to the Book Openings page and type "Scandinavian Defense" in the little box in the upper right.  Hit the little arrow key (or whatever is to the right of the box) and you'll have 2 pages of Scandinavian openings.  There are maybe 10 English opening variations, but the rest are exactly what you want.  My apologies for the sarcasm of my first post; it's no excuse, but holiday spirits were a contributing factor.


Thanks again, just trying to get it done.


If you put in B01 you'll get nothing but Scandinavian, as well. Counted out 35 results.


I think I was a little rum dum that day.  Thanks, I finally got it.