Repeated Lessons in "Endings, Openings, and a Taste of the Middle"


I'm just running through this course as a nice review of the basics, but it's getting a bit tiresome because I've recently hit a run of lessons where the lessons seem to be repeating (ok!  ok!  I get rectangular opposition already!  :)  It's not 'review' either because the positions are identical.

For instance, look at EOT059 and EOT061 ("Outside Passed Pawn").  Same same.  And there's a lot of that sort of thing in there.  I've never seen dupes in any other CM course.


Yeah, there are loads of repeated lessons in there. I don't know how many times I've had to put my king in front of that pawn trying to promote!


Yes, there is a good amount of repetition in that course. I "finished" it but have only have slightly over 50% completed since I skipped all the courses that repeat. 


Ugh.  It's a huge (looking) course too... I wonder how many of the 246 lessons are "uniques."  Unfortunately, you can't assume like titles are identical lessons in this course.  Oh well.  I'll try to think of it as extremely short-term 'review material.'

I guess it's just this course then, which is a good thing. Smile


Just looking through some old threads on this topic...I was pretty sure that the repeated lessons are intentional to hit the point home and yes it is does work...shouldn't have too many problems drawing and winning king pawn v king endgames now...


There's no way those repeated lessons are intentional.  They're exact duplicates, sometimes 5 or more of the exact same lesson.  It's an error that hasn't been fixed in the 3 years since it was first reported.


I am sure you have heard the term endgame technique.  It is was analysts of chess games between GMs refer to all the time.

It is called endgame technique because any GM can excute these techniques in his sleep.  That is what you need to be able to do if you want to get alot stronger.  So, stop worrying about repeat lessons until you can solve them in your sleep. 


In another thread one of the staff said they were intentionally repeated and after doing some of the key basic concepts several times it does become stuck in the brain..


You guys obviously haven't done the lessons, or you did them so long ago that you forgot what they're like.  They're very simple.  Once you do them one time, maybe twice, you've got the idea.  If I feel the need to do a problem 8 times, I can repeat the lesson.  I don't need to be forced to do it by the curriculum.  You don't see this kind of mind-numbing repetition elsewhere in the Chess Mentor system.  It's an error.


I agree, these never ending repetitions of basic stuff in that course are more than tedious, they entirely take the fun out of it! I refuse to believe this was done intentionally - it has "bug" written all over it. Please, please, please someone clean up this mess!


I'll clean it up some time this week. I guess it's the least I can do, since I was the first one to complain. :D


Thanks! Smile


It's still happening!


I recently posted a complain thread and then I found this. The method is a bit like rote learning. Rote learning to get it in your head is good in moderation, but I have been doing the same positions basics (opposition, winning with king and pawn vs king, drawing with a lone king) some over 10 times! That is too much. 6 or 7 times should be enough to get it in your head. But I believe 10 is too much! :(