Repeated run-time errors

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    I just upgrade my membership to Diamond and in Tactics Traniner and Chess Mentor. I am getting the error message

    Then if I select Ok. I am getting


    <\/span>Correct Move!<\/div><\/span>"},{"id":"Qform__FormState","data":"6f19a7f28d1a3dfe04f5f8e15589809b"}],"commands":"qc.regCA(new Array(\"labelmovebox\")); document.getElementById('usertomove').value = 3 - document.getElementById('usertomove').value; document.getElementById('correctmovecount').value++; makeResponseMoveSleep('Z0', 1000); "}1
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    Should br fixed now

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    The problem is back and needs to be revauleated. I am still getting the messgae.

    I run on firefox and have AVG antivirus

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    I get this message all the time. I get it on Firefox and IE. I also experience lagging and glitch, drop downs advising me that "the connection had to be re-set", and when I hit Ctrl F5 it takes me to a new puzzle. I have been speaking with Shaun in tech support but have so far got no where. He wants me to change my MTU ... anyone else done this? Phil

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