Variation # ??


Hi guys,

Probably an unbelievably idiotic question but it's frustrating me like hell - the Chess Mentor lesson descriptions often recommend further study in Variation 1 or 2, or whatever other number. I have no idea where to find these variations.

I'm studying each lesson sequentially. My guess is that they are referring to different lessons in the Mentor program, but is there an easy way to quickly jump from variation to variation? It would make sense if they were linked in the description, but I can appreciate that might not be very easy for the guys to code.

Can someone enlighten me?





I think you're right, and they just refer to another lesson (usually the next lesson in my experience).

The best way I can think of would be to open a new tab or window, find the variation lesson and then switch between the two.

EDIT: You can use two different browsers to observe two different lessons. Otherwise it doesn't seem to let you.


I guess I'll have to do that. Bizarrely complicated though. If anyone from is listening, it'd be nice if this was easier or at least more straightforward and obvious!


Hi, I am a premium member and i have sent the same question exactly to the Support Team 3 days ago and was notified that someone will reply to me within 24 hours, but no one has replied yet. I also see here no one from has answered this question asked 4 years ago!