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What am I doing wrong

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    Usually I go on big win-lost streaks where I win a bunch lose a bunch etc but lately ive only been able to garner 2-3 wins every 20 loses, the openers I use are wons I win with almost every time but for some reason I just can't seem to win, even against those I should be winning against (50-100 point lower than) and Ive dropped almost 200 points in 3 days
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    edit: the openers I use are queens gambit and the defense is usually a mieses kotroc scandinavian

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    It's hard to say without digging in to your games and finding your typical mistakes. 

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    Hey CG,

    do you want to get better?

    I just wanted to look at your games, but there are only blitz and bullet matches. When you asked what you're doing wrong, then this is my first answer: You play too fast. At this level, playing blitz/bullet it is pastime and you can't expect to improve by doing this. Only play rapid (15/10) and always think before you move your pieces. When you played 20 games with White and 20 games with Black at this pace, send me a message and I'll take a look at your games.


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    Play e4. You are missing hanging pieces.


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