Did Carlsen blunder?


Chess is likely a game that draws on perfect play.

In order to win, your opponent has to blunder. Of course, a blunder for a GM would be a good move for us plebs. 



jonnin wrote:

Perfect game or not, just plug the computer into both sides and watch.  It will draw a lot, but there WILL be wins and losses in the mix.   Part of this is due to coders being compelled to code the engines to randomize the openings amongst the top book openings in play.  It turns out some book lines are not equal for both sides with 50+ move lookahead computers at the helm.  Part of it is that 50+ move lookahead isnt always enough: sometimes the 51st move that they did not see is the one that kills them, but by then they already messed it up.  You see this all the time with lesser computer settings, it plays ok but drops a piece to a 4 move combo because it wasn't set up to see that far.   Its a little more interesting if you take away all book openings and let it crunch from the first move onward, but there are still wins and losses.  The draw % goes up, but how much depends on the engine. 

The theoretical perfect game does not exist.  The computers are good, but not quite there yet.  Perhaps it is always a draw.  Perhaps not.  We don't know, and its a pointless debate. 


In which openings does black fail to equalize with best play in 50 moves?


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