Is Queen's Indian defense going to disappear like Evan's Gambit


I might be overthinking but bear with me. Kasparov said Evan's has disappeared. A lotta analysis was put into it, and when the gambit is refused and decently countered, it always ends up with negative results.

Now, i didn't really play attention on top human QIDs but i seen a lot of AlphaZero vs Stockfish and AZ demolished QID. Than i seen Leela vs Stockfish. Leela proven herself stronger than Stock, so neural networks seem to be the future. But then: when Leela was put to play QI, than she would ultimately get defeated.

It seems the problem with QID is black's queen side. The bishop is a burden because it's hanging against white's bishop. Knight and rook have a hard time developing. Alpha could even sacrifice a whole piece to go all out on the King side attack, since black's queen side can't join the defense.

Since top players use computers to prepare for matches, could it be the next thing discarded by them?


Maybe, but isn't  the QID  a decline ofor the Nimzo-Indian?