2.Bc4 in the French

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    I've been studying the french recently and I've noticed often people play on move 2.bc4 after 1.e4 e6. I asked an IM about this and he told me that this is a poor move and to me it just doesn't look right as it blocks the bishop in after 2...d5 3.exd5 exd5 4.Bb3.

    I was wondering what you guys think of this move on move 2 for White and whether or not it's acceptable at a higher level.

    Thanks :)

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    It's honestly horrible, bringing the bishop to an ineffective diagonal with loss of tempo. But i guess some lower rated players, expecially in blitz games, might try it if they usually meet 1.e4 e5 with 2.Bc4. Many beginners try to play the same setup against everything.

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    He is not. He is an unrated player, and at the olympiads unrated players are counted as rated 2200. This might be a slight exaggeration of the player actual chess skills in some cases, as the game suggests ;)

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    Knights before bishops is usually a good policy if you don't know an opening.  However, with 1...c6 1...d6 or 1...e6 it's best to simply grab the center with 2.d4, the catch is black's totally prepared for it.  Why wouldn't he be, it's white's best.  2.Nf3 is usually a close enough second though. 

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    Thanks for the replies!

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    The move does have one good point: it's legal....... and even that's debatable! Wink

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