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2...Na6!? in the Sicillian

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    I was playing a friendly match and suddenly this popped out at me. 

    As you can see Black has a rather passive position and I played Nxe5, whereapon he slipped up with dxc3? and I played Nxf7, winning material.

    But what I want to ask is:is the idea of 2...Na6, with moves like Nc7, covering b5 from the knight and allowing the pawn advance d5, valid?

    I think it's a fairly strong novelty that can be used as a surprise weapon(I haven't peered into any tactics or analysis as yet, so there may well be a line that wins a free pawn for White or something; I'm assuming there's no such line) in fast-paced games. 

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    I used to play 2...Na6 with the idea ...Nc5 to pressure the e4 pawn.

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    Conzipe, what about supporting a b7-b5 pawn push to attack the queenside? 

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    The main defect of 2 ...Na6, besides putting a Knight out of play and committing to a waste of several moves in the opening to bring him to any useful square, as I see it, is that after 3 d4 cxd4 White may play 4 Qxd4 with impunity.  Moves other than 3 ...cxd4 are no better for Black.

    2 ...Na6 is as weak as it looks, and that's rather weak.

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