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A Bust to the Patzer Opening

  • #81

    I can only commend Spudnik's exemplary use of footnoting to provide background. Smile

  • #82

    If past is prologue, what is the prologue?

  • #83

    The day before tomorrow?

  • #84

    Wow, Now I understand Days of Future Past!

  • #85

    I have certainly breathed deep some gathering gloom in my day...

  • #86

    Make sure it has no asbestos in it! Surprised

  • #87

    I don't know, did they make bongs out of asbestos?

  • #88

    But opening theory is always for high rated players. The result of the opening (black is slightly better) guarantees black a draw. My experience learns that after the defence against Qh5, black has it relatively easy.

  • #89

    What if white moves 6.d4?

  • #90

    What does any of this have to do with asbestos bongs?


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