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Avoiding the Semi-Slav and Slav

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    (I was an exceptionally good table football player. They call it Fussball in Europe, maybe. Don't know what they call it in the USA. But since I was so good at it, if I say that tf is a variety of cricket because a ball is hit with something resembling a stick, shaped like a football player, would I be right?)

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    Optimissed έγραψε:

    I think there's a mistaken assumption going on here ... that GMs are always right, so if they say that Shredded Wheat is the correct breakfast cereal then Shredded Wheat it must be. Except of course that sometimes GMs can disagree with each other.

    But who are we to take sides, since they are Gods and inhabit the celestial spheres? Then again, we could just get real and stop being so naïve as to think that GMs are more intelligent as a species. They're good at playing chess and that's all the title implies.


    Yes, I get your point.

    A Grandmaster can be wrong about things he knows, while you can be right about things you don't know.

    It's the probability theory, stupid...

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