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Bad Bish Exchange in the French Advance?

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    I know there's a line in the French Advance where, after c5, you play b6 and Ba6 with the intent of exchanging your useless queen side bishop, I just don't know what it's called. Is there any merit to it?
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    you can find some info on that line in the book, How to Play against e4, written by mcdonald.


    I prefer the Wade variation which includes:




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    It's recommended in a book by GM McDonald.

    Personally I don't bother yet about the fate of that bishop- the ...Qb6/ Nh6 variations are fine and very dynamic, while if Black wants to play solidly, the old variation with ...Qb6 and ...c4 is slightly boring, but about equal.

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    As an avid french player I have to say that I find my light square bishop to typically be quite useful. I tend to play f6 breaks and the light square bishop often proves quite useful in those lines. Of course, I'm just a patzer (as the name implies) so your milage my vary. 


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