Beginner Chess Openings


I would like to begin learning some openings to strengthen the beginning of my games. I figured starting by learning one opening, understanding it, and getting good at it would be a great place to start then progress to learning more and more.

My question is: What would be the best, strong, beginner opening I should learn and get the hang of?

What tips and moves would you suggest for the opening you believe is best?

Thanks guys!


Choose your first move as white: c4, d4, e4 or Nf3 (g3). These are the best. peshka.png


You do not need to learn. Just play and learn from your experience.
The general recommendation from beginner to world championship candidate is to defend 1 e4 e5 and 1 d4 d5 as black and to open 1 e4 as white.


Chess Openings Tier Lists by GM Hikaru Nakumura and IM Levy Rozman
Chess openings are rated in terms of their appropriateness vis-a-vis player skill level - i.e., beginner vs intermediate vs GM’s, etc. For each of the openings discussed be sure to pay attention to whether the evaluation is from White’s or Black’s perspective. They also frequently refer to some openings as "garbage" or "bad"; these qualifiers are used in the context of, for example, how much so-called "theory" (i.e., documented variations) the opening encompasses, or how much emphasis the opening places on positional versus tactical skills in order to play it well. For example, an opening they refer to as "garbage" (an unfortunate choice of terms) for a beginner may in fact be appropriate for higher rated players who typically know more of the theory for particular openings and have a more highly developed understanding of positional concepts.
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