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Best Defenses against d4?

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    nimzo is cool

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    it gets u equality

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    I prefer an Indian defence with 1... Nf6 or a Queen's pawn game with 1... d5

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    Talminator1 wrote:

    I think this a 1.e4 defence...the Caro Kan

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    it is

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    Here's my current setup.

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    Regarding that sequence above, is it better to play 3...d5 first and then play c5 at a more favorable time?

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    Since you kicked the thread M-W-R here is where you are at currently:

    Other Player...  Online & LiveOnline ChessLive Chess  

    White Wins
    Black Wins
    1...Nf6 8
    62.5%   37.5%
    1...d6 2
    50%   50%
    1...d5 1  The_Chess_Ninja vs M-W-R
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    Thanks. Sorry if you were annoyed.

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     Not annoyed but the question: 

    Best Defenses against d4?


    Let sleeping-dogs lie...

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    M-W-R wrote:

    Here's my current setup.

    This leads probably to Benoni after d5 exd5 cxd5 d6 e4 g6...etc

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    I use the dutch defense againsy d4

    1.d4 f5 I use the stonewall dutch

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    I find Grunfeld to be very useful, Kings indian is a very agressive reply i also use, you can also transpose into modern defense with g6, e4. Also benoni defense with benko gambit if you choose. Dutch defense lenigrad, although i dont love it because of the exposure to your king through the f7 diagonal.

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    Sorry to restart an old thread but I really need an aggressive opening against the Queen's Pawn. Is there something like the Apocalpyse Attack from Caro-Kann?

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    I need a strong opening that will maximize my chances for a win. Not a draw. (Mostly openings that are called [Name] Attack)


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