Best response against 1. Nf3?


Considering my opponent would play 1. Nf3, 2. g3, 3. Bg2;

What is my most natural response? What can I do to get a simple position?

Thanks in advanced!


Copy that. :)


It depends on the rest of your opening repertoire.  You generally want to choose a response that fits well with your answer to 1.d4.

If he's a good player White will probably not play 2.g3 and 3.Bg2 against ANY moves.  For instance 1.Nf3 d5 2.g3 Nc6!? and now the most sensible move for White is 3.d4.  I'd imagine Black would be very happy with 3.g3 e5!


So, you mean best responce to KIA, not 1.Nf3? Take the gift and play the game as though you were White, which you basically are.


I play 1...g5...the dubious Beta-Weidenhagen-Gambit...Cool


Thanks guys!


1.Nf3 is my opening move, always. I usually try to play g3 and Bg2 as well.

The idea is that you can use transpositions to steer the game away from openings you dislike. In my case, it's complicated/technical openings. 

In general, a 1.Nf3 player will want to get into some sort of an English or Catalan setup. KIA and Reti are also possible, as are some variations of the Queen's Gambit or Slav. 

As the White player, the response I find most annoying the Benoni. As Black, you avoid the really problematic lines, since White has already committed to Nf3 from the first move (an early f4 is a main line that is very bad for Black, which Nf3 prevents). As Black, when I face 1.Nf3, I go straight for the Benoni. 

JosefJB wrote:
MCFan wrote:

So, you mean best responce to KIA, not 1.Nf3? Take the gift and play the game as though you were White, which you basically are.

No, if you are not very familiar with these positions, you cannot assume you being given a 'gift'.  

Carlsen beat Caruana, as white, when he played the KIA and Caruana played as White.  Carlsen won very nicely, but if you look at Caruana's history, he is mainly, by far, a 1.e4 player, but he was playing black as if he was a 1.d4 player.

See my point ?

Yes, you're saying that because you have provided an example of the world's number one (known for playing a variety of low theory, low/no edge openings) winning a game with the KIA that you somehow have a point. Furthermore, you imply that many e4 players would prefer to play Black than to play as White but be forced to play d4, which is simply moronic.


I don't know what point it is that you think you are arguing. Maybe I typed out a paragraph without even realising it about how when Carlsen plays the KIA against a super GM he is no longer the favourite. Or, just maybe, the idiot suggesting that I may have an illiteracy problem has one of his own. Ever heard of the Modern Defence, no? The Pirc Defence? Still no? Maybe you believe that facing these openings doesn't prepare you facing the KIA? lol...

JosefJB wrote:

You had me at --

I don't know what point ..." 

I am pretty sure I had the chinese characters off, but maybe you were the only one seeing chinese characters.

Good game.

Does anybody understand what he just said? Anybody? I don't know where to begin. If this makes any sort of sense (that the general populace can be expected to understand) then he was probably right all along. I guess I am illiterate.

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I am going to block MCFan.  Might as well block him if he can't understand and he can't tone down his aggression.

Who are you talking to? Nobody cares.