Best Variation of Sicillian

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    What's the bestvariation of the Siccilian plz give reason also.Laughing

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    there is no best and the reason why is because each side has too many viable options to avoid forcing lines in most variations

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    There is no "best" variation.  Every variation of the Sicilian is fun for both sides.  For black I prefer Taimanov and Najdorf variations, and with white I usually play lots of different stuff in the open sicilians.  

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    Well then whats your favorite.Sorry

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    I go through phases. By the time I'm 25, I'll probably have played every conceivable Sicilian.

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    As Black I play the Sicilian Najdorf/Scheveningen style (6...a6, 7...e6) because it is the variation that most seriously challenges White for the initiative (the attack).As White I play the English Attack (6.Be3, 7.f3 or 7.Qd2) because it gives White the most plans attack against Black's chosen defensive formation.

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    I usually play the taimanov, it doesn't give up control of the d5 square as other sicilian lines do, and offers nice counerattack like most siciliansSmile

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