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Black Defense Against all White Openings?

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    What can I play against all white openings which is OK? 

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    kings indian is the initial opening i usually go with because it is flexible depending on whites variations.

    there is no real end all defense that is gauranteed tho

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    1..g6 2..bg7 3..c5

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    1...Nf6 is playable against all first moves of white.

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    The Kings Indian Defence... 

    Here is another example of playing the KID (kings indian defence against another white opening)

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    It would be nice if there was such an universal opening, but unfortunately the case isn't so easy. In the end you have to think for yourself at some point no matter how. Sometimes early in the game, sometimes you can play by the books for some moves.


    I think you should find yourself as a player first, search for if you are agressive or passive, like tactics or positional play. Many pieces on the board in complex situations or less pieces in quieter positions. And so on... Then it is easier to suggest some moves you could adobt in many (but not all) games. Quiet (long term) players could go for c6, g6 or Nf6 as first move (no matter what white do) and more tactical and agressive ones could go for c5, d5 or e5 (no matter what). But if this is in a chessclub you end up very predictible if you do this all the time.

    Always try to bend the game into types of positions that suits you as a chessplayer.

    All these thoughts doesn't work on high level of play and in standard timeframe games, of course. Then it is more complex to answer such a question. Good luck!

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    c5 works fine agaisnt anything IMO.

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    Gugajrf wrote:

    c5 works fine agaisnt anything IMO.

    That is also true, we have the open sicilian lines and closed sicilian lines...

    Another example of using c5 opening for black...

    And another example...

    And also...

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    Naturally, the Dark Knight System


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