Boungcloud attack.


Please post your opinion on this opening.

I just tried playing that against GNU 4. I was mated in 12.

I held out for 27 moves. Probably made some blunders since I assumed I'd have a easy win after playing the Boungcloud attack.



I played Fritz 10 - got mated in 16

Lokasoft - lost on mate in 18

Chessmaster - lost on mate in 22.

Sorry - but it seems to be a stupid opening  - in my humble opinion =)


I agree that this is not a very wise opening. I tried it on my handheld chess game a while back, and I lost very quickly.

what if he was the alter ego of a strong player on here?
Checkers4Me wrote: what if he was the alter ego of a strong player on here?

You mean Bongcloud?

I used this opening in a 10 round tournament and went 3445-06
worst by test. i think it is safe to say that Nf6 is better.

Just for the heck of it, I'm playing this opening in a unrated gameTongue out:


This opening allows the very advanced manual castling to your opponents side. You walk your king up the board and squeeze it in behind his pawns, they never see it comming.

If I ever enter a WCC Match, this is the opening I will use for the first game.  I'll shout Bongcloud and do a funny dance.
never underestimate the element of suprise
m0xln456 wrote:

When fighting an opening that gives white such an edge so early in the game, black simply must play:

1. e4  e5

2. Ke2 Ba3!!

3. bxa3?? Ke7!!


Although taking the bishop may seem to give white the advantage, the doubled rook pawns will prove detrimental once black's king marches up the white position, takes the pawns, and literally swallows the white's entire position from behind.

That opening will be called the m0xln456 gambit from now on.



It appears to be true: once you go Boungcloud, you never go back. There's simply no way to win.


seems like that guy was just handing the king his pieces though.  was that a joke?

Interstingly, I found this partial biography on Mr. Boungcloud:


"Born in 1944, Ernesto Boungcloud began learning chess at the early age of four from his Aunt who taught him by correspondence while she was in a mental hospital. Ernesto left his family business, a smoking pipe manufacturing business, to enter the world of professional chess a year later. Known by his affinity for argile socks, Boungcloud was loved by all his peers, of which there were two, and was a prolific chess tournament player and cookie baker. After playing Fischer, Fischer was recorded saying of Boungcloud, "Who?" Boungcloud's strategy of always playing 1.e4 and 2.ke2 was so unsuccessful that the opening was named after Boungcloud. Opponents would actually laugh out loud in the middle of tournaments when they drew his name for their first match - and his last. Realizing the success of attacking with only the black King after the Boungcloud opening, Boungcloud's opponents easily destroyed all of Boungcloud's strategic and tactical efforts. Ernesto Boungcloud was found hanged in his retirement home apartment on Dec. 31, 2007. The coroner's report stated that the death was not suicide, but homicide. All evidence pointed to the fact that the murderer was the black King found on the floor just in front of Boungcloud's swaying, dead body."