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Caro-Kann Study Group (1.e4 c6)

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    I've had a flawless record playing against the Caro-Kann in OTB... So I guess I'm a bit biased against it.

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    Love the Caro...it's a fascinating reply for the 2nd player. Now here's some food for thought. Upon recently reviewing the Scandinavian Defense (formerly the "Center-Counter Defense") I found the following quote from the late Danish grandmaster Bent Larsen. After Karpov-Larsen (unsure on the date) Hort remarked "Of course (you would play that), you are a Scandinavian!" To which Larsen replied, "Yes, but it is just a good version of the Caro-Kann".

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    Does anyone know anything about 1. e4 c6 2. f4
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    2.f4 is a bit stupid. Just play 2...d5.

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    The problem with the caro is the short variation..... and modern theory seems to say that white has a much better position if black can't force a draw (MVL style). 


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