Choosing my anti Caro-Kann


I'm trying to decide which line I want to play as white when faced with the Caro-Kann. I've been trying some of the advance variations with Nc3 and g4, but they're quite theoretical and I don't always handle the resulting positions well. I'm considering ditching the advance entirely for the Panov-Botvinnik attack, since I play Nimzo-Indian as black, and the two lines can transpose. Any reason to prefer something over the P-B? Sound lines only.


Look through the main lines as well, and choose the setup you feel most comfortable with.

The C-K is an aggravating defense because it is very difficult for White to get a working advantage.  On the other hand, Black doesn't get sharp counter-chances, either.  But he can have success when White presses too hard.

Just aim for the positions you feel most at home playing.  In the long run that will give you the best results.


I really like to play IQP positions and so my natural choice is the Panov-Botwinnik attack (2.d4 d5 3.exd5 cxd5 4.c4). White position is very pleasant and straightforward to play, with an easy development and good control of space. I have seen many strong caro club players confessing that what they fear most is a prepared 4.c4 player.


Panov Botvinnik for sure.  There are many transpositions from other openings to it such as through nimzo indian and even scandanavian, so it is helpful to know it.  Also if you play d4 at some point, knowing the panov botvinnik will let you avoid the benoni if thats not your cup of tea.