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Martin Orell

Västerås, Sweden
Feb 24, 2009
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1 hr ago
Supporting member since Oct 15, 2010

I am a member that has enjoyed playing quite a bit of chess variants lately.


I am the inventor of a chess variant called Event Chess. If anyone wants to play an event chess game with me, then it is possible to do so in a forum, like this game. Just send me a PM if you want to play. If you want to play with someone else, then I can monitor a forum with diagrams and draw the events when necessary.


I have also participated in quite a bit of bulldog chess games lately which is played in the forums. I am currently the bulldog chess champion. I have also made a spreadsheet to calculate elo ratings of bulldog chess games. I am also currently the highest rated there. If you want to play some bulldog chess you can request a game in a forum here. Bulldog chess can also be played with any new piece you come up with and a forum for creating new pieces is here.


I have played quite a bit of 4 player chess lately and I am an admin for the 4 player chess club. I have written some things on strategy there. The most notable ones are:

Beginner tips and fundamentals

Your best friend, backstabber and worst enemy.

If anyone want to improve in 4 player chess I highly recommend reading those posts. I have also managed to have some very good results when I played 4 player chess lately and managed to get into the top 10 highest rated players.


When it comes to chess I am far less active than I used to be. I don't play any daily chess and only play vote chess for the club Discussion-Based Vote Chess.


In one game I played a couple of years ago I played an endgame which was published in chesscafe. See page 3-4 at this pdf-link. That problem is also in tactics trainer with high rating (link to tactics problem)

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