Come up with a (serious) gambit!


Nimzo-Indian Defence: Monkey Gambit


This is a Gibbon Gambit but in a Nimzo-Indian, making the future open g-file (if the gambit is accepted) more useful as in a Grunfeld, the pawn at g6 blocks the open file, and if Black ever plays g6, they will suffer from dark-squared weaknesses.

Stockfish's evaluation is at -0.48, making it of similar quality to the Devin Gambit (1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. g4), which is evaluated at -0.53.

Mieses opening: Reversed rat variation: Mongolian semi-gambit
This gambit tries to gain a development lead or gain space and castle early in the game. The semi-gambit gets a better center control in the declined, accepted OR the other variation. It starts like 1. d3 e5 2. f4 and there are three variations accepted (2... exf4 3. Bxf4), declined (2...d6), and the semi-counter gambit (2... d5 3. fxe5)

There are many different kinds of variations in the opening and you might find a trap


Dutch Defense: Krejcik Gambit, Raven Gambit


This gambits three points of material in the first six moves, but Stockfish, surprisingly, evaluates the position after Black accepts the gambit at +0.08, with the slightest advantage for White. With perfect play, it will end up being a draw. After the bishop recaptures the rook, e5 is by far the best move, but turmoil follows with White giving up the right to castle and their kingside being destroyed. An early queen excursion is also in the recommended Stockfish line.

(the line):

This has never been played before in the database, but that is because almost no one plays the Krejcik Gambit, and after h3, almost no one takes the pawn. In the few games that do feature taking the h-pawn, White never recaptures with the rook.


If Black gets greedy, then this happens:

White's position is clearly improving, and it ends up being a win for White.


I would call this the tarrasch gambit! tongue.png
Basically, black gets a *huge* development advantage if white gets greedy (dxe6). With future Qa5 and h6-g5! combined Ne4 ideas, and also Nbd7 so you can re-capture the c5 pawn in a future and later rotate to e5 with Nce4


Here's a example line to show *how* ridiculous active black can get for the price of one pawn. x3


Though, the biggest drawback of it it's that it can be lead to a kinda dry endgame in which there's not any fun other than a long, tense fight.

Introducing...the French Defence, Exchange Varaition. Laissez-Faire Gambit.

Similar in concept to the Danish Gambit; Black trades a Pawn for early development. The open position plus White's powerful d-pawn would probably bust this position at high levels, but Intermediate players shoukd be able to have fun with it.

White's most natural move appears to be 6. c4 (which transposes into a line from the Scandinavian), but this allows Black to play 6...Bb4+ and castle soon after.

Somewhat dubious, but much more fun than most games from the Exchange French.


Crazy gambit line in the Dutch, sacrificing the queen for two pieces in order to lure the king to c3

This is dubious, although Stockfish evaluates the position at a surprisingly low +1.60.