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creating an opening plan

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    I'm trying to do as Silman suggests here. I've been using a spreadsheet, but it strikes me that there might be some decent free program to the end of creating opening graphs and such that might have/be able to be plugged into chess openings databases.

    Anyone know of such a thing?

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    um chessbase?

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    birdboy1 wrote:

    um chessbase?

    SchuBomb wrote:

    decent free program

    but two out of three ain't bad ;)

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    Thanks for that, but I've already tried SCID before, and while it seems like a decent program, it's not really what I'm after.

    Maybe I should write one myself.

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    An idea would be to create 2 accounts and play out all of your opening lines as unrated games, then using the My Games feature in game explorer, you could then organize your opening repetoire in a decent, free program. 

    Edit: Sorry, seems like this doesn't work as unrated games don't show up in Game Explorer

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    I'd probably prefer to do the .pgn suggestion instead of that... I'll stick with my spreadsheet for a while, cumbersome though it is.


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