Do you know a strategical line against CaroKann?

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    Thank you again guys for helpful advices!


      As for the soundness of CaroKann Exchange, I think pfren's "The exchange Caro Cann is just equal. NOT DRAWN, JUST EQUAL." would be to the point. In fact, I'll try Exchange Variation anyway.

     I learned a LOT about CaroKann through reading the discussion here, and I appreciate all the advices and suggestions.

      However, ThrillerFan, you should refrain from writing something like "Also, your garbage about my bias against openings that have the word "Exchange" in it is horsesh*t. " and so on. It is too rude to FriendlySquid. Even though what you wrote about the CaroKann was very helpful(3.Nc3 lines especially interest me, and I might try it also), such words only degrade you.

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