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Dynamic openings

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    Dynamic players are usually pretty well rounded, but lean more towards the aggressive/tactical side. They often play enterprising openings and try to simply outplay you. They aren't scared to mix things up and are usually fighting constantly. Dynamic players are well rounded enough to not feel too uncomfortable if the position should be strategical or dry. Sometimes they may play the same openings game after game, however they are different than technical players because their opening choices are a lot more double-edged.  http://www.chess.com/forum/view/general/chess-styles

    This is an accurate description of my playing style. However, I have no idea  what openings are suitable for this 'dynamic chess style'. Does anyone have any ideas? I was considering the KID, the pirc and the reti as dynamic but im not sure if it is actually dynamic. I think its about time for me to adopt my own opening, instead of playing around with basic openings.  

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    Better than choose a opening according to a description , is to feel confortable with your position . My recommendation is to study the tabiyas of these different openings. Try to understand move by move why they arise on the board. 

    Do no the typical mistake to change your chess opening because the "basic openings" dont fit with your style. 

    Dynamic openings: 

    Against e4: The sicilian is your territory

    Against d4: KID, Gruenfeld.

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    Colle, French Rubinstein, and Stonewall Dutch.

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    Thanks everyone, but does anyone have any other ideas for dynamic WHITE openings????

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    how is the colle dynamic??

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    Is there any white dynmaic openings? Btw is the reti and the sicilian dragon dynamic?

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    I like the Italian as white but the problem is anyone could reply to e4 with the sicilian, french, pirc, caro-kann etc. As you stated dynamic openings usually arise from an imbalanced position, I was wondering if there were any   unusual and surprising first-move openings such as 1.b4, 1.b3, 1.g3, 1.Nf3 etc , that could lead to imbalanced positions and yet still be playeable? 


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