Favorite Openings


LM_player wrote:
My favorite system doesn’t have a name, but was heavily inspired by the Bongcloud.

1. f4 d5 2. Kf2!?

I will typically play 1. f4 and 2. Kf2 against any response from Black with exception to Nf6, Nh6, g5, and e5. Whereas I will play 2. e3 first if Nf6 or Nh6 is played. I don’t like moving my king after the f4 pawn is challenged with either 2...e5 or g5 early on; however, I will still try to move the king when the board gets a little safer.

The moves that are played in this system come in various orders, but typically arrive at very similar formations.

I’ve played this system thousands of times with great results.

Very funny. I use the Fried Liver Defense in bullet sometimes.

The Sicilian Kan is such a fun variation to learn!! It’s so flexible so every game looks considerably different.

I’m coming from playing the caro-kann so it’s been a really fun time learning

  • Is this the Sicilian Kan?
janeshjanesh wrote:

I want to start learning some efficient chess openings. So can anyone suggest me out some good openings for both black and white?

As Black I recommend playing e5 against e4 and going for a Giucco Piano, and against d4, play d4. If White plays Queen’s gambit, accept it. You are aiming for open positions, which are easier at a beginner level to play.


Sorry, play d5 against d4 lol

checkmatemark04 wrote:

  • Is this the Sicilian Kan?

No - the type of sicilian can still deviate from there. The Kan is usually reached via

1 e4 c5

2 Nf3 e6

3 d4 cxd4

4 Nxd4 a6

TanakaYui right about where it becomes the Kan... usually it ends up looking like a hedgehog for black, with most of your pawns not moving beyond the 6th rank until later in the game