Grandmasters openings

ryan_duan_02 wrote:

 I think the more professional you get the less fo e4 your gonna see.

Like the Carlsen- Karjakin match: So far 1.e4 was played just in seven games out of ten.


I suspect that trends and fashion play a larger role in determining the popular openings than most players suppose. Opening systems just go in and out of fashion. How long was the Scotch Game side-lined?


The November 2016 issue of Chess lists the top twenty openings compiled from a list of 2221 September games where both players were rated over 2400 Elo. One can not take position on this list too seriously because it is greatly influenced by how the openings are grouped. For example, all the Retis are grouped together, while English is separated into 1 ... c5, 1 ... e5, etc. Nevertheless, for what it is worth, some of the list entries report: 81 Caro Kanns, 69 Najdorf Sicilians, 64 2 Nf3 d6 sideline Sicilians, 52 Taimanov Sicilians, 49 2 Nf3 sideline Sicilians, 49 Kan Sicilians, 45 Berlin Ruy Lopezes, and 43 Closed Defense Ruy Lopezes.


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