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How drawish is 1...e5

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    Does e5 really try and play for a win in monst lines? why dont grandmasters play it so much. Theyd rather play the sicilian french or caro. What are the pros and cons for e5. I want to play an opening against e4 that really trys for a win but i just cant pick up the sicilian in all its theory

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    Not drawish at all.

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    Agreed, not drawish at all.  Check out http://www.charlottechess.com/games2/1123.htm, heavily annotated!

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    certainly not universally drawish, though like any openning it can get quiet in many varations.  Obviously I'm no authority, but I find as long as you stay away from the Russian Game 1..e5 will be lively.

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    If you want to play for the win, play the Sicilian.  I don't know why people are intimidated by theory, it's not like players at your level will know the sicilian inwards and out 25+moves into the game.  

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    Scottrf wrote:

    Not drawish at all.


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    1...e5 is played all the time against e4.  I don't know what you're talking about.

    In the ongoing candidates tournament, average rating 2768, there have been as many Ruys as Sicilians.  No caros, no frenchs.

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    perhaps a better term than "drawish" is "one of the solid" defences available for black. 

    I think it really depends on the player handling the defence.

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    1..e5 isnt drawish, it has some drawish variations such as the petroff and berlin but every defense has a few of those.


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