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How should I react on Queen E7 in the danish gambit?

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    I have to admit, that I´m quite a beginner. So I was quite confused about the black queen moving to e7. How should I react?

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    nc3,nc6,nf3,nf6.o-o,pd6,re1----black is thinking of qb3,which u should not do.

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    My first guess is to be happy Black may have made a bad move and then play Nc3.

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    Sounds good. Thanks a lot!

    Here´s another move, I did not exspect, which is putting me in trouble: 

    C7-C6 is putting me in kind of trouble. What would you recommend?

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    Qb3 looks strong enough.. or perhaps just Nf3

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    I tried Qb3. The problem is, that after Qe7 my pawn is blocked and black might come up with pawn d5.

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    c6 just looks awful, white sacrifices two pawns to bring his pieces out, black plays a move that doesn't develop a piece and actually stunts development?

    Just get your pieces out. Nc3 again, Nf3, probably both good.

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    And as I understood the danish gambit, the focus is to make pressure and not loose tempo. 

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    Remember if you are lucky you can win against a grandmaster with a two pawn sac in the opening.

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    Here's a simple line against the Danish. It's been used countless times in junior tournaments against players whose coaches think the Danish is a great line for scholastics to learn.

    The Danish is a good line to learn and to play in casual games, but not so good to use in serious tournament play.

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    The focus in the Danish is to find an opponent stupid enough to play nondeveloping moves while being two pawns up.

    Unfortunately, most aren't that stupid... with simple+sane play, white is much worse (two pawns for just a moderate development advantage are too many).

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    Ok. Looks like I should go for different openings. Thanks anyway!


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