How to play Sicilian defense with white



First, the good news: Black can already claim equality. Normally he would need to play  10-20 more book moves to claim that.

Now come the bad news: The book moves have already ended, and he has to play chess using just his brains. The boad still has 32 men on it, so any result is extremely likely...

You can swap "good" and "bad" if you are viewing this one from white's perspective.

littleLizz wrote:

In the Sicilian, the best move objectively is 2.Nf3 and then 3.d4. You will have to learn some theory, though, especially if you're facing the Dragon. If your opponent knows a lot of theory or you just can't be bothered to learn 10+ moves, then play 2.c3. It's safe, solid, although a bit boring.

2. c3 is not boring


Well, compared to the Yugoslav Attack in the Dragon, it is boring, although, really, everything is boring compared to that.... c3 is definitely the best bet if your opponent knows more about the Open Variation than you, although I'm unsure about it in general...


Personally, I always play 2.c3, mainly because I prefer solid games to crazy sacrificing games. For that very reason, I play 1.... c6! against e4.

poucin wrote:
Yigor a écrit :

Never say never! 

A french player will always play 2...d5.

What about this move order :


LoL The future generations could call it Saragossa: Poucin variation wink.png: