I need an opening as white similar to the Alekhine defense

nighteyes1234 wrote:

Why not 1h3 e5? Nothing lost and no brand new opening to study?

1.a3 is the least committal move if you want to play black as white happy.png

the downside is that a3 is not really a move you care to include in the alekhine's defense normal, so 1...e5 2.Nf3 won't be as good as a normal alekhine

It’s got to be the Nimzo-Larsen. A couple of playable sidelines are 1.b3, e5 2.Bb2, Nc6 3.Nc3 and 2 … d6 3.d4. They should appeal to an Alekhinist, though my own results with them aren’t very good.
That should be 3.Nf3 in the first line, of course.

Why not go full hypermodern?  Play the Reti as white, the Alekhine against 1.e4 and the Grunfeld against all other white moves.


Birds opening is pretty solid, but at your level (2100)plus u wont get any opening

advantage out of it though/ and against lower rated players u wont run into

much prep/ like in the sicilian for example/ you shoul.d learn a good line against

the Froms gambit though

later duder