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Is anything better for me than the Parham?

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    Putting Steinitz, Nimzovich and Parham in the same piece of text is an insult for two of the three. I will let you guess names.

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    Matrix chess has just come around. I'm sure the first time people saw hypermodernism they thought those guys were insane too.

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    He used his system to become a chess master, it obviously works pretty well...

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    Lol, I am quite rational, you guys just seem to be arguing with no merit...

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    In my opinion, the Parham is busted.

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    That f6 knight is easily pinned, to stop it black must do h6 followed by g5, and ruin their kingside. A strong attacker could easily exlpoit that.

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    Here is a sample line...The moves might not be sound, but this line makes my point.

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    move seven would be Nc3

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    Ok, so now I figure he's just trolling Laughing.  Gav's totally ignoring comments and keeps repeating the same junk.

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    7. h3 is a waste of a move...

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    I actually like to play Nc3 on move 6, to offer immediate support against d5

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    The knight is still extremely vulnerable. Anyways, nobody has given a better attacking option, in most other lines white dominates.

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    The_Gavinator wrote:

     nobody has given a better attacking option, in most other lines white dominates.

    What do you mean by that???

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    Name another opening where white is better at attacking (non-gambit) :P. That's all I've wanted from the start.

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    People sacrifice material for tempo, or for a strong positional advantage. Why would you want to avoid sacrifices when you get good compensation?

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    Study Tal's games and realize you can attack from a slow position. Tal played the Ruy Lopez and created good attacking chances.

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    The ruy lopez is incredibly passive, you cannot name one line where it is aggresive. Gms play the ruy lopez all the time and the game always winds up a draw. The_Gavinator, the parham is definately the way to go.

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    You know what, I will. I haven't heard anything better, so therefore this must be the best. I've asked for 12 pages for recommendations, all I hear is ruy lopez, or people ratting on Parham. So therefore, I'm just sticking with the Parham.

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