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is the catalan the real Queens Gambit ?

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    alot games I look thru in the Queens Gambit Aceepeted white usually gets it back a couple moves later or immediately right after while in the catalan I've noticed very often that white doesn't or alot of time it seems even try to get the pawn !

    Is the Catalan a TRUE Queens Gambit !

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    White gets tremendous compensation for the pawn.  White also runs a great risk of winding up down a pawn.

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    Well, the Catalan is a very flexible opening.  White can play it as a gambit, even a two-pawn gambit in some cases, or keep it close to the vest and try for a small but persistent positional edge.

    Here's a gambit style game:

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    alexlaw wrote:


    i'm just wondering why you're not a master now

    Spent most of my active career knocking against 2200, but never managed to end an event over it - OTB and old fashioned "snail mail" postal.  Qualified for 7 US Open ("Golden Knights") finals, played in six (3.5/6 twice, 3.0 twice, 2.5 twice) and one US Absolute Championship (3.5/10). 

    Wait until you see my bad games, though.

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    thanks for the lines and estragon that was one heck of aggressive game thru pure tactical threats is how you kept alive and sound positional judgement did you know where to put your forces great games.


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