is the Sicilian a good choice for black?


I'm not a high level player, but I think the sicilian is my favorite answer to 1.e4 in my daily games, but the only reason I feel ok playing it at my level is because there are resources you can use in daily that you can't in live to help because white has no shortage of ways to answer. As such, I wouldn't play it in live chess. I think my biggest reason for liking it is that you are already creating imbalances out the gate while still making a play for the center.


The problem with the Sicilian is that it's incredibly theoretical and complex. it's not wrong or offensive at all to say you shouldn't play it at lower levels.


It depends on who Black is.Β  [obviously]


The Sicilian is good I think for 1600+ but make sure you can handle weaknesses/like complicated chess/feel confident about attacking/defendning opposite side castling positions, ur opponent almost always has this option. Now I play the french but you have to fall in ove for it to play it so I wouldn't recommend it you wont like the LS bishop. Except IF you watch Ginger Gm's series about it


I win and lose using the Sicilian. My understanding of the Sicilian is that it is very intricate with a lot of theory. Players who use the Alpin variation, but again there is a lot of theory and I lose as often as I win. It does keep it interesting though.


A good choice, honestly I think it is the best choice hands down!

Yes I like other openings, but specifically against e5, no other opening comes close!

You should play this opening commonly @OP I think it can do you good...Β 


Yes, it's probably the undisputed champion against e4 at higher levels, but only at higher levels.

rychessmaster1 wrote:
c5 isn’t the engines top choice so no

that's like, the worst way to justify an answer lol


The Sicilian Kan is a solid line that's not as theoretical as other variations of the Sicilian. I play it pretty regularly with okay results. You have to be prepared to play from a somewhat cramped position if white plays an early c4

mockingbird998Β I think Rossolimo is very popular now


The Rossolimo is popular, but 2...e6 leaves you looking for something else to do with that Bishop.