Is the Sicilian meant for chess experts only?



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The Sicilian's standard first few moves exchanges White's center d-Pawn for Black's c-Pawn and begins a process that usually leads to a strong Q-side position for Black. Consequently, even if you don't play the book moves for the Dragon, Najdorf, etc. you should be able to achieve a VERY playable middle game for Black even if you're a club-level player.

Of course, that means NOT memorizing reams of opening moves but studying the ideas behind the Sicilian and understanding opening principles strongly!

Personally, as White, I tend to play the 2 c3 Sicilian, both to avoid someone very comfortable with the standard Sicilian variations and to avoid giving up my d-Pawn for a c-Pawn.  It also seems to me that the Closed Sicilian, 2 Nc3 and avoiding a very early d4, gains space for White but I don't do well with it - it was a favorite of Spassky and Smyslov, so it should work against non-masters!