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kings gambit players lets discuss our opening

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    i play this otb in real tournaments all the time and know these lines quite well, which is what happens when one has been playing them 40+ years



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    when i getback from Kings island tournament this weekend i will send you a challenge

    NO ENGINE USE ...ok? 

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    richie_and_oprah wrote:

    when i getback from Kings island tournament this weekend i will send you a challenge

    NO ENGINE USE ...ok? 

    Have more confidence in your claims. Insist that your opponents use engines and that you will win because you know your opening evaluation to be correct.

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    richie_and_oprah wrote:

    the kings gambit is NOT over rated for black ,,, there is no way for white to equalize

    the best lines for white is now in the quaade variation in which an early nc3 is essayed but even here black maintains a slight pull 

    perhaps one of the titled players here can come in and then after agreeing with this assesment you will accept it

    meanwhile, all this work has been hacked out and is available in many places on the web and only those people that are not up on current theory are going to get cvaught out as black in any of these lines

     Blacks best is still to accept and play ...g5 lines but those are still sharp and the modern defense is easier to play and takes away all whites chances for advantage

    now, this does not mean black will outplay white all game, only that THEORETICALLY there is no chance for white to eqaualize and they are giving black =/+ in this opening

    im not arguing or being ignorant like im so in love with that opening, i want some truth. Im just skeptical because if the most powerful chess engine rated higher than any GM can win with white ive gotta give it a chance im just being open minded but i need evidence not hearsay from another GM... bobby fischer played it so its gotta be playable at the highest level

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    ill play u fairly of course... but if u win it doesnt prove much other than u beat me. if we both had assistance from chess engines i dont think u will win with black thats all i gotta say, im sure your a good expirienced player and if u did win its because u beat me not the opening itself

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    To even suggest that Nc6 is a refutation to Bc4 is ridiculous.

    To be fair, the King's Gambit sucks to begin with.  But Shaw's claim to have "refuted" Bc4 is beyond ridiculous.


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