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    A bust to a king's gambit ..

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    The 4th topic about this. It was a joke on chessbase Tongue out

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    It's not exactly a "bust", but it is a move. Once white decides to forego castling by allowing 3...Qh4+, it could be argued the bishop is better placed here (for defense, white defending on the 3rd move?!) than on c4. This is the Lesser bishop's gambit. Also variously called the Petroff-Jaenisch-Tartakower Gambit. If this is the namesake of such illustrious players, it must have something going for it...... Then again, maybe they just couldn't figure out who to blame it on.

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    A student of mine (GM Vouldis) has played 3.Be2 quite a few times, with remarkable results. He had no opening secrets- he just wanted to end the theoretical discussion as soon as possible, and of course he is an extremely strong tactician.

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    wow,,maybe I could play Be2 if I play King gambit.. :)

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    Go right ahead. Who's gonna' stop you? Except maybe those annoying people who don't play 1...e5. I think the commonest reply is 3...d5 4.exd5, and now black has 4...Nf6 or Bd6 (4...Qh4+ is not be feared). The imbalance in the position usually leads to a lot of fireworks. Also, 3...f5 can be pretty dangerous for white, trying to deflect the e-pawn when ...Qh4+ can be trouble.

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    You forgot 3.Kf2 (a.k.a. the Tumbleweed), the variation where white scores an amazing 100%!!


    P.D: Yes, I'm being sarcastic. I know 2 games are not enough to give a correct % of wins/looses/draws and I know the Tumbleweed is not the best option by far, but it's fun to play live, specially to see your opponent's face!

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    The Tumbleweed? What's that got to do with this? The topic is 3.Be2 in the KGA, which wins in all variations (more sarcasm).......

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    No according to East European Whatshisface and his Rybka Clusters which busted my favorite KGA Bishops gambit, it only draws, but due to a lack of plausable lines I refuse to allow such nonsence

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    oh and it was just after April Fools Day, plus it was a good joke


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