London for Blitz


I've been trying out the London system recently for 3 min blitz. My game has been as erratic as ever, but this was one of the more successful attempts against a better rated player. They made a few mistakes, but I was happy with 99% accuracy (my "inaccuracy" was not taken E5 with my D4 pawn, I know you're supposed to, it just didn't feel right in the flow of this game). 

Anyway, fun opening for fast results and natural moves.






Bruh.... your accuracy is high because the London is a very safe opening. It has nothing to do with you playing a good game or not. Accuracy is essentially meaningless, the only use I can think of for it is to help catch cheaters. 


Well, obviously. I was sharing as it was a game that came together in kind of a textbook way, and I was happy with my move order in the opening.


I used to play London. It's a really good opening, you should stick with it.


London is a real pain in the neck for black, but this is what I play (and what stockfish likes):



@themouth888 Thanks for the feedback, I will. I enjoy how it lets you build a solid base without too much theory (until I learn more), and at least gives you a footing in most games.


@SNUDOO interesting. I don't run into this too much at the lower end games I'm playing. I like  (when possible) to develop Nd2 before Nf3; after c3 it allows some different ideas around Qb6. Definitely need to study up on this line and other variations from black.