Looking for solid gambit as Black


When I play white, I typically run a Goering Gambit. Most players my skill level accept it, leading to a solid position for me, and the moves to get there are pretty natural, so if the game goes in another direction, I do perfectly well.

I have no such opening for black. I've experimented a tad with the Icelandic Gambit, but I don't do well when white plays 3. Nc3, the Alekhine, rather than 3. f5, the modern variation. I'm of course not used to the Scandinavian and may just have a learning curve ahead. But are there any other options for someone who is more comfortable with openings that generally follow the ideals of the romantic position?


You just lost a 3 day per move game in 7 moves.  Wouldn't your time be better spent working on the basics?


Maybe: The Schliemann Defence: Move by Move



The idea of giving up the pawn is rapid development, and threats.