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Mackenzie Variation

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    Comparative study on counter moves.

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    Mackenzie variation  is a gambit?  Can be dangerous to try.
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    Can you show us how the mackenzie gambit starts with a chess diagram? 

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    Morphy Defense the Mackenzie Variation was demonstrated in 1973 in a game of Garry Kasparov vs. Shorat Muratkuliev,  1. e4 , e5  2. Nf3 , Nc6  3. Bb5 , a6 

    4. Ba4 , Nf6  5. d4 , exd4  5. d4 , exd4  6. e5 , Ne4  7. 0-0 , Be7

    Mackenzie Variation for black leaves lots of possibilities for control of the center.

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    Lots of experienced players gain from a good gambit, giving a pawn , or more, to gain position, nothing like a good sacrifice as long as it achieves its goal. 

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    Interesting views, todays gm s do not have the style of the old gm s .  The games tempo and attack strategy are different.

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    The importance of getting a good opening can not be denied.

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    The Ruy Lopez opening is seen at top levels of play.

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    Its good to see e4 openings still popular in play at top tournaments.

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    Difficult to improve old ideas.

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    Although it is named after Mackenzie, 5.d4 was played by Morphy, Anderssen, Bird, and others before George Mackenzie started playing it.  Here is one of Mackenzie's games.

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    I have also played 5.d4 many times, with excellent results, but no more.

    If Black knows what he is doing (8...0-0), white must work hard to equalize.

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    So pfren , no more of d4 on 5th move, I am cautious on gambits very often.

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    Yes Bill you must be another fan of MacKenzie, his style and sharp play.

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    The move d4 I dont believe is the Variation it is the advance of the e pawn that sacrifice of the d4.

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    So many openings played for years still being used in tournaments today.


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