mayhem in the morra


i drew with one of the top dozen players in the United States with the Smith Morra accepted but that was back in 1973.  Now i think the gambit is dubious at the highest levels.


If you're about to play Kramnik, you might want to have second thoughts about using the Morra. If you're about to play an average opponent, bash away!

melvinbluestone wrote:

   I don't think there are a lot of beginners who are drawn to chess by the beauties of 'positional' play. Maybe the prodigies. For most of us, it's the tactics that get us hooked.....

    In additional to the previous ideas, look at the games of other players. Most that you'll find in DBs are at least master level, and very instructive. 

   Check out Milan Matulovic, a controversial Yugoslav GM who played the Smith-Morra a bunch of times in back the 1950s.


I guess I must have been the exception back in 1995.


First two openings that interested me:  French Defense.  Queen's Gambit Declined - Exchange Variation, specifically the Minority Attack approach! (A very "positional" idea, going for the backwards c-pawn).