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My E4 pawn is stronger than your D4 pawn.

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    Finally I see that d4 is better for me; after studying theories, seeing chessmasters games and practicing a lot of chess on the weekends in my club. It's practically an immutable opening in my current games now. E4 is doubtless a rarity in my games - maybe one or other, but only spanish and italian openings. Also I must confess that If I had encountered this sort of opening before I certainly would have had a better performance in my rating and play, even though my rating seems stagnated (no matter which player I do play it only comes around 15 points each game). Therefore in case someone is finding problems or difficulties to improve I would suggest trying to take risk of d4.

    Either way, Capablanca and other classical chess players do live up in a d4 and makes it seem much simpler if there's anyone here still in doubt about using or not d4. 

    Ultimately, it will depend on the player's profile and your peculiarities, being e4 or d4, it does not matter substantially providing the fact you play rightly and decently well. 


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