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New Line for Black vs 1. e4

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    If the follow up by White is 3. d4 then 3. ...d6 undermining that center.


    Incidently a positon with White Pawn on e4 and Pawsn on d4 with no development for Black is very probably a theoretical win for White--BUT the same position with White pawn on e5 is almost equal.


    I am sure Kramik could easily defend the positon after 2. ...   Ng8

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    It's certainly a known line. I've seen it called the Brooklyn variation in some books. It can also transpose to a ...Qd6 Scandinavian sometimes after 3.d4 d6 4.exd6 Qxd6 5.Nc3 or Black can obviously avoid that if he so wishes.

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    oh, darn! I thot I had a new line!!! Frown It just goes to show there is nothing new under the sun.

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    OK I have another line.

    this one is very good!

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    This new line played by White is one I have actually played several times.

    CoolI think I could beat Kramik with this line!Cool

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    Ponz, that opening is called the Mieses Opening : Reversed Rat.  Here is a game featuring two strong players:

    Rodriguez Andres (2515) vs. Sanchez Almeyra Jorge (2447)


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    1.d3 may be the Mieses but what Ponz iz suggesting is simply a Scandinavian with colors reversed :)

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    Well, if you're happy playing your black openings as white, that's up to you, but it's hardly going to get an opening advantage. The colours have switched, so white has gone from playing for a edge to playing to equalise. You don't see many Sicilian players playing 1. c3 e5 2. c4.

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    I understand that - I am saying it is not a new idea.  Only if he applies lots of study to it, but then again, it really has been studied a lot already.  I just wanted to post an interesting game with the idea.

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    Is this bad for black?

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    He has given up space for a chance to counter attack White's center, so I would guess imbalanced. 

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    post #1 houdini gives white +0.83

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    I wouldn't read too much into that. Engines don't really get openings unless they have their books to hand.

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    Blesssed what does houdini know?--he was only a magician. He stated he would give some sign after his death and could not or did not.

    Besides I like my 2nd line better as it actually works to get your opponent into an opening you know very well with the color of the squares reversed and you are used to the squares being reversed and your opponent does not--this can more than make up for losing the advantage of the first move!

    I mean after all the variation 1. d3  e5  d4! is a theoretical draw but then you have disconcerted your opponent and his/her head will be swimming with  dark and white squares!   


    Another reason why 1. d3 is good--suspose your opponent plays 1. d3 d5

    now you can transpose to a reversed pirc with  2. g3!Cool

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    1. d3 d5 2. g3 is fine, because white doesn't lose a tempo and is still playing as white, for the advantage. That's different from the other line, which surrenders the opening move initiative.

    Also, how do you know you opponent doesn't know the Scandinavian as well as you? He could be a specialist in it with either or both colours.

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    Ok, let us assume my opponent happens to know the Scandinavian as well as I do--the chances he would be able to play it well with the white and black squares reversed are not so good.

    But in any event play the line vs opponents who do not know the

    Scandinavian as well which in my case may be 98% of them.

    I know my line loses a tempo but it makes up for that lost tempo in other ways [and besides this is somewhat tongue in cheek!] 

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    In the white scandinavian, black could play a blackmar diemer gambit.

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    jphillips wrote:

    In the white scandinavian, black could play a blackmar diemer gambit.


    Philips, wouldn't Nc6 be Blackmar Diemar instead of f6? I know they're certain variations in the BDG Gambit where you play f6/f3 though...

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    Here is the Blackmar Diemer Black usually runs into when he plays the


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