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Opening for attacking players.

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    Hi , I am an amatuar player and i am looking at learning an opening repertiore.

    What are the best openings for an attacking player who likes open games and alot of tactical play ?   I do not like Blocked positions.



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    well, first start with Tactics, and oppening Ideas, but these openings should help, don't go very far into theory yet

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    Thanks for the reply. I have been  finding all of this Opening theory and opening memorisation a bit Daunting. How many openings Would an average player need to know?

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    If you stick to one opening move, not much, if you stick to one respoce for each of the four most common first moves, that should work. for example

    as white. 1. e4

    as black

    against 1.e4   e5

    against 1.d4   Nf6

    against 1.c4   c5

    against 1.Nf3 Nf6


    those are just examples. but after that, Know the general Ideas.

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    You probably shouldn't be memorizing opening lines just yet. Instead, concentrate on developing all your pieces quickly and safely.

    You may be interested in the study plans available right here on chess.com


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